Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keanu Reeves The Poet

Someone once said it took six hours to write a poem," says Grant. "Five hours 55 minutes on the couch, and five minutes of writing. That's what this project felt like." She turned the words over in her head for a month before putting brush to paper. "I had to figure out how the images could match the text, both in their humour and their darkness."

The illustrations in Ode to Happiness dovetail nicely with Grant's other work: bright, busy, almost synaesthetic arrangements of words penned by collaborating writers, including the poet Michael Joyce. For Reeves, the book is more of a departure. To date, the actor has only strayed out of cinema to work on stage, and to play bass guitar in the bands Dogstar and Becky . "Unless you include being drunk and disorderly," he says. "That's a kind of performance art."

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  1. Hehehe! I am sure that would be some preformance! I think I would prefer to see the professional preformances!:)Too much tallent to waste. It is nice to see Keanu attempting new ventures.Love the illustrations AG! I am so excited to be getting a book!Can't wait! Hugs for you both!