Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ode To Happiness ~ Happy Valentine's From To Keanu

As some of you already are aware we had to delay our Valentine's Day post. Keanu decided he wanted to add a sprinkle of happiness into the pot. 
Last weekend he flew back to L.A from London to join his collaborating partner the lovely Alexandra Grant in a review of their new masterpiece title "Ode To Happiness". Published by Gerhard Steidl. I attended the book signing at the last minute. Both author and painter were happy with the turn out. I spoke with Ms Grant and asked her what she thought of the crowd? She said "I loved to see all of this"! After speaking with her I knew the book was going to be unique. Not at all what folks are expecting.  Witnessing the energy of Ms Grant and knowing Ode To Happiness is a collaboration between she and Keanu a beautiful work of art, could be the only result. 
I was anxious to see the museum so I arrived early and got to read a few of the pages. When I returned  to what looked like a small book shop now due to the large crowd Keanu was already speaking about his funny and melancholy work of art. I read through it as he spoke. What a collaboration! The  book is poetic and very melancholy.  Dark humor passes the mind as you read on. It makes you laugh. The book is funny whether you can empathize with Reeves or not. If the words don't get you the pictures will.    At "awe" at how precise  Alexandra turns Keanu's words to pictures. Simple but so elegant. Placed in it's own sleeve. This is a book that can't help but tuck itself deep in your soul. It's a book that you experience. You'll see for yourself in the first few page

Keanu thanked me about 20 times that day and he did want me to tell you "Hello and thank you"
He was in awesome spirits! He always is whenever I've seen him but that day his excitement for the book was evident. Alexandra Grant is an extraordinary artist. Please make yourselves familiar with her work. She's a beautiful person. 
Steidl and everyone were wonderful. A great group of people. 

For the grand finale to our Valentine's blog I wanted to add the beautiful work a few the writers created using a sonnet format. Wonderful job for our first time working the sonnet, Don't you think? I was blown away at how each of you tried to nail each rule of the sonnet. I wrote one too that took me a while to warm up to. I finished it right after talking with Reeves Sunday. 

So there you go a special kind of Valentine's Day for the fans and the writers. We hope your Valentine's Day was full of surprises as was ours and that the rest of the year brings a lot more of the same! 


  1. This is a lovely post...thank you TKWL for sharing the museum photos of Keanu and for the review of Ode to Happiness. I look forward to reading it.

  2. i had chills the whole time!you're world is brilliant and am grateful to be a part of it! thank you

  3. thanks tkwl for bringing to us another part of keanu's adventures!i can't wait to get a copy to see the wonderful works of alexandra grant and keanu reeves. keanu,we all appreciate your message of greeting and thanks. it is wonderful to hear from you occassionally.we know you put 110% effort in all that you do and it shows! lovely sonnets everyone!! you are all so tallented! hugs to all.

  4. Chica boom, boom boom! To Keanu With Love rules!

  5. i fell in love all over again ~ thank you