Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keanu In Beijing

[Ming Pao] 47-year-old Hollywood star 奇洛李维斯 (Keanu Reeves) appeared last week in Beijing, as a self-film "Tai Chi Man" (Man Of Tai Chi) selection of the heroine, he was met by Huang, Liu Yifei, Josie Ho and so on. Recently, Keanu secret to Hong Kong, and the master and film actor Chen Hu meeting. Stay in the hotel yesterday afternoon he appeared, many fans very happy Alarmed idol, praising him type.

Beijing Jackie Chan classes exploration

Keanu always love Chinese culture, although Stephen Chow, Jet Li are great themes of the film shoot Ethernet, but he is still not fear comparison, actively preparing for the shoot. It is known that martial arts is still a Yuen Wo Ping, a man by his martial arts teacher Fuchen Hu as he is play great villain. He is currently looking for the female lead, had already told Huang, Josie Ho and other audition. While he was in Beijing during the visit is to shoot the new film "Zodiac," Chan, he will receive two panda doll.

The day before yesterday Keanu low-key meeting in Hong Kong for the new film, staying in a hotel in Wan Chai. Yesterday he was wearing a black dress to lunch sportsman, requirements met fans and autograph pictures, Keanu are responsive.

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