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As we could all see Keanu Reeves has participated in many festivals to promote his new film HENRY'S CRIME this year.

Keanu as the principal actor also produced this film.

The last scene shot in Tarrytown for Henry's Crime

  ~The 82nd Annual Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre on March 7, 2010~
...where Keanu Reeves was introducing the clip from "The Hurt Locker"
of director Kathryn Bigelow. /also director of ''The Point Break''./ 

 ~Toronto International Film Festival~

/September 15, 2010/


 Keanu Reeves attended  the 35th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto to present Henry’s Crime with the cast.

Videos from the press conference on September 15, 2010 /TIFF/

...and on the same day, it was the "Henry's Crime" Screening

This is a interview with Keanu at the Toronto International Film Festival. During the interview, Reeves talked about why he wanted to make Henry’s Crime, casting, acting techniques, upcoming projects, and a lot read whole interview, please click the link:

October 2, 2010/
Keanu Reeves received the film festival's Honorary Excellence in Acting Award at the film festival's awards ceremony in Kingston.

Vera Farmiga and Keanu Reeves at Woodstock Film Festival 2010

One sign of a great actor is versatility, actress and Ulster County resident Vera Farmiga said at the Woodstock Film Festival awards ceremony Saturday night.
“When I think of Keanu, I am at once struck by the decade-defining character Neo in ‘The Matrix’ and the vulnerable, strung-out hustler that he portrayed in ‘My Own Private Idaho,’” Farmiga said in presenting the festival’s Honorary Excellence in Acting Award to Keanu Reeves.
Farmiga described Reeves as a “pop culture phenomenon and a subculture hero,” adding that “this dichotomy is a testament to Keanu’s ability to just dance between these two worlds.”
She also described Reeves as an actor who is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and take “big-time risks.”
Farmiga co-stars with Reeves in “Henry’s Crime,” which was shown at Upstate Films in Woodstock on Saturday as part of the festival. Throughout the filming, Farmiga said, Reeves “threw me lot of curveballs.”
Reeves accepted the award on behalf of himself “and everyone I’ve ever worked with.”


Yeah, I started a company called Company Films with a friend of mine called Stephen Hamel, who's really great at developing. We started working on Henry's Crime about four and a half years ago. We found some dough to pay Sacha Gervasi [The Terminal, Anvil!] to write a script, then we developed it and found some money to make a film. I sort of took this film from beginning to end.”

Yeah, we set out to make a kinda comedic romance with a crazy idea about a guy who works at a tollbooth and who kind of inadvertently ends up being the driver for a bank robbery and gets caught, and instead of going back to his life, decides not to speak and goes to jail. Then he comes out of jail and decides to go back and rob the same bank to change his life, falls in love with an actress, then there's a Prohibition tunnel that goes from the theater to the bank, then he ends up having to play Lophakhin in The Cherry Orchard in order to get access to the tunnel to rob the bank” …/Keanu Reeves/

click on the link to

And the plan's to keep balancing out the small indies with bigger studio films?

I hope so. Hopefully I'll be working with Universal on 47 Ronin starting in the beginning of the year: It's a mythical Japanese story, kind of a Western, a story of revenge — samurai who want to avenge the death of their lord — and I'm very excited about that. [At Company Films,] we've got a film called Passengers, which was at Morgan Creek, and a script by a writer named Mark Andrus called Bloom, and the director Scott Ellis. So we're going to try to cast that up and get some dough for it. And we've got some drafts of some stories coming in from these writers Mark Hyman and Kristin Gore. Trying to make movies


Keanu Reeves also presented Herny’s Crime at the festival in Bydgoszcz a few weeks ago. He was talking about shooting a documentary about modern techniques of film. He took advantage of the fact that in that city, due to Oliveira, world-renowned authors cinematographer have gathered. Keanu played the role of journalist and filmed interviews also with Michael Ballhaus. There were a lot of Keanu's fans over there who took pictures of him using their cameras in cell phones, also the auditorium of the main hall was full of amateur photographers. Keanu with a beautiful smile on his face posed for pictures and gave autographs. That's the fact.
Keanu is loved everywhere he goes

I am so proud of Keanu. I love when he takes up a new challenge. I am always sure he can do it, succesfully. Keanu is a very talented, I would say he is multi-talented guy. I am so happy for all those news. 

Aaawww! I love those pics of Keanu with red roses =)


Keanu made his grand arrival at the Marrakech 10th International Film Festival on December 3rd, 2010 in Marrakech, Morocco.Keanu opened the film festival

~03 Dec 2010, Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco --- Morocco -

-Marrakech 10th Film Festival - Opening Ceremony Arrivals~

~Keanu meets Prince Moulay Rachid during the Marrakech 10th International Film Festival

on December 3, 2010 in Marrakech, Morocco ~

 ~MARRAKECH, Morocco - 4 December::
Keanu poses for the photocall at the 10th edition of International Film Festival of Marrakech~
Keanu on the red carpet during a tribute to French cinema at the 10th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival in Marrakech on December 4, 2010 and 05 Dec 2010, Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco --- Morocco - Marrakech 10th Film Festival - Tribute to James Caan~

Thanks for stopping by to see my blog. I am honored that I could do this blog and this way I could follow Keanu Reeves on his way thru a lot of festivals this year. Keanu is a great, talented guy. I hope the film Henry's Crime is gonna be distributed worldwide so we'll all get a chance to watch this romantic comedy with elements of detective fiction. I am so happy to be a party of this great fan page,and thanks to Ellie for what she doe's every day.
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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